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What most people do is to trust that the retail clerk or veterinary receptionist know what’s best for your pet. Unfortunately, that is just not the case.   Our Natural Pet Health classes empower you to make the right decisions for your loved pets.

Here is what you will learn in the EIGHT WEEKS of our NATURAL PET HEALTH CLASSES:

  • Week 1:  An Overview of Holistic Pet Health
  • Week 2: Pet Anatomy and Why it Matters (CASE STUDIES)
  • Week 3: Pet Diets and Nutritional Therapy (CASE STUDY)
  • Week 4: Parasite Prevention
  • Week 5: Herbal Therapy for Pets (CASE STUDY)
  • Week 6: Homeopathy and Physical Therapy for Pets
  • Week 7:  The Truth about Natural Pet Supplements
  • Week 8: Understanding Great Veterinary Care
  • Week 9: Examination and Graduation!!

A SYLLABUS NOTEBOOK AND CLASS NOTES ON DVD ARE PROVIDED. This college-level course has been updated continually and taught each summer since 2014.  Best enjoyed by folks 16 to 101.  ENROLL TODAY!!

Want a sample?  Here you go.

When it comes to understanding my cat Molly’s health, this course was the best investment I ever made.  From her diet to her vet care, I never knew how much I didn’t know.  Any pet owner or shopkeeper would benefit from taking Kevin’s amazing course!!

Tom S.

Student, Chautauqua Institute

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If the Only Things You Got From Our Natural Pet Health Classes Were…

Your pet WILL live longer and happier.   But you also enjoy discussions on these topics,  facts behind these recommendations, diagnostic/treatment checklists,  veterinary consultations on your pet’s healthcare, and even a few free samples along the way.

At $295, it’s the most amazing bargain ever.

And it could also be the  best gift ever.


The Best Diet For Your Pet

THe truth about natural pet supplements

understanding herbal and natural pet treatments

understanding great veterinary care for your pets


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