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buy rapamycin for dogs today. Here's how

Buy rapamycin for your dog now.


We are the ONLY veterinary practice in the US devoted solely to improving your pet’s healthspan.

 How do we do that?

Rapamycin Therapy

Rapamycin is a drug that has been proven to…

  • Extend life in every species studied to date
  • Reverse age-related heart disease
  • Improve stem cell function
  • Reduce arthritic pain


Longevity Consults

We are the ONLY practice devoted solely to your pet’s healthspan.  We will work WITH you to help your pet live longer with…

  • customized diagnostic tests
  • genetic screening
  • nutritional planning
  • concise preventive medicine

Simply Amazing Supplements

We cut through all the marketing to offer you only the best of products proven effective in thousands of medical cases and documented in studies.  Nobody else can say that.

Here’s what Pet Parents like you are saying…

Aztec's mom says...

Before rapamycin, Aztec was very lethargic and slept for most of the day.  Now he can run after Frisbees, he steals things from my purse like before, and he is playing with his old toys.   

I am SO grateful to Dr. Kevin... and rapamycin!!

Noodles' Dad says...

...I honestly believe that rapamycin added a year to Noodles' life. 

It was the best investment we could have made for our best friend....

Tex's dad says....

...Even at his age he is still very happy and engaged. His last blood work looked really great. 

I feel the rapamycin greatly slowed down the degeneration in his spine.

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