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Acarbose for Your Dog — The Background



Longevity nerds like us are constantly seeking new ways to extend lifespan and enhance quality of life. Among the many new kids on the block, acarbose stands out as one of the most promising longevity compounds for both dogs and humans.  Here’s a comprehensive look into acarbose for your dog — its mechanisms, benefits, and implications for dog longevity.

Why all the excitement around Acarbose?  It was recently evaluated by the Intervention Testing Program (ITP), which evaluates drugs for their benefit in promoting healthy aging across various species

Acarbose was one of ONLY 7 candidate drugs, along with our old pal RAPAMYCIN, to be proven beneficial in extending lifespan.

Acarbose for Your Dog
Acarbose for your dog

Acarbose for Your Dog — How it works. 


Acarbose belongs to a class of medications known as alpha-glucosidase inhibitors. Primarily prescribed to manage type 2 diabetes, acarbose works by slowing down the digestion of carbohydrates in the intestine — thus reducing blood sugar levels.

By reducing blood sugar levels, acarbose…

  • reduces inflammation
  • improves immune function
  • improves insulin sensitivity
  • reduces cardiovascular disease
  • improves metabolic health.

All of which promote healthy aging for us and our dogs.





Acarbose + Rapamycin:  1 +1 =3


The synergy between rapamycin and acarbose holds immense potential for both longevity and overall health.

Rapamycin, known for its anti-aging properties, targets the mTOR pathway to enhance cellular health and extend lifespan. Acarbose complements this by modulating glucose metabolism and mitigating age-related metabolic decline. Together, they offer a multifaceted approach to fighting aging process.

This was proven by the ITP studies mentioned above.  While rapamycin reliably extended lifespan by over 10%, the combination of rapamycin PLUS acarbose extended life by approximately 19%

Acarbose and SEX


I knew you’d look.

In the ITP studies mentioned above, the added longevity benefits of acarbose plus rapamycin — essentially a doubling of rapamycin benefits — occurred only in MALES.

In females, acarbose did NOT extend lifespan beyond that of rapamycin by itself.

Go figure.

Acarbose and Your Dog — The Side Effects


Acarbose has been proven to be very safe.

HOWEVER… remember that it interferes with the absorption of carbohydrates within the intestine, and those carbs have to go somewhere. What this means to us is that acarbose can cause…

  • a bloated feeling
  • the dreaded dog farts
  • loose stool

So you want to start slow.  You’ve been warned :).

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