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Our sole purpose for this website is to offer you and your vet a source of prescription rapamycin you can  trust.  As a veterinarian myself, I got tired of my clients and friends getting screwed by offshore sources of fake drugs.  So here you go.

Rapamycin is a PRESCRIPTION drug, and so we are happy to send it to you guys after…

  • You sign up for a Concierge Consult with us.
  • We receive a prescription from your veterinarian

If your pet is facing progressive cardiac disease or cancer, please reach out to us below.  We want to help your pet.

We have limited quantities of 99% pure rapamycin in veggie capsules containing…

  • 0.5 mg for pets of about10#,
  • 1.0 mg  for dogs of about 20#,   
  • 2.0 mg for dogs of about 40#, and
  • 3.0 mg for dogs of about 60#

Your cost is $90-95 per month, with FREE SHIPPING.  And you can save even more with our subscription plan.



It’s easy to be skeptical when you read about the benefits of rapamycin for dogs. If it’s so good, why has our veterinarian never heard of it? Well, we eventually got a prescription and tried it for ourselves on our old girl with spinal problems. The results are simply amazing– it’s like she is 4 years younger. She walks better, she plays more… she’s even jumping up on the bed again. I would recommend rapamycin for ANY older pet.



Why Buy Rapamycin for Dogs?






  • EXTENDS LIFESPAN in every mammal studied to date, from mice to marmosets. 
  • REDUCES CANCER INCIDENCE (Anisimov et al. ),
  •  IMPROVES COGNITIVE FUNCTION (Halloran et al. ; Majumder et al. ),
  • REVERSES HEART DISEASE (Dai et al. ; Flynn et al. ; Neff et al. 
  • REDUCES JOINT INFLAMMATION (Bitto et al. ; Fischer et al. ) in aged animals.

Learn more here.

One health issue that rapamycin does NOT appear to benefit is Canine Cognitive Dysfunction.  We have seen no negative effects in these patients, but neither have we seen the benefit that we always hope for. 






    buy rapamycin for dogs

    Why buy rapamycin from us?  Because you need to know what you are getting.  Our Rapamycin is 99.946% pure.  See the test report here.

    Have Questions about Rapamycin for Dogs?  Check out our FAQs.


    Why buy rapamycin for dogs?

    Rapamycin for Dogs — The Side Effects


     This will be a short topic.  In over 300 pets treated to date, we just haven’t  seen a negative side effect of rapamycin therapy. We did see one case of diarrhea that resolved on its own. Learn more here.

    The most common benefits seen by pet parents  who buy rapamycin for dogs are 

    • more energy (72%),
    • better spinal function (19%), and
    • better cardiac function as noted by their veterinarian. (11%)

    In our experience, about 30% of pets show no outward signs while on rapamycin treatment.  I take pills from the same bottles I send your way, and I honestly feel NO different on those days– No jumping over tall buildings for me.  But I believe in the science rather than the symptoms… so I take my rapamycin.

    One note:  We have a number of terminal cancer patients under treatment at any given time.  For these patients, quality of life is our single biggest concern, and pet parents measure simply “hanging in” as a clinical success.


    My dog is twelve years old and started having kidney issues and was very lethargic. After a few months on Rapamycin he is super boy! He really is acting about five years younger. He seems happier, too.

    (Editor’s note:  Your Mileage May Vary 🙂 )


    Aztec's Mom

    Rapamycin for Dogs — The Dosing


    Based upon the Kaeberlein study mentioned below, we are currently using 0.1 mg/kg body weight dosing 3x weekly with food.   This translates into a dose of 1 mg per 22 lbs body weight.

    The Dog Aging Project is currently using a dose of 0.15 mgs/kg once a week, and some of our clients are using that approach instead. This would translate into a dose of 1.5 mg per 22 lbs body weight.

    For longevity benefits, we are currently recommending one month on/one month off therapy.  For pets facing cancer or other chronic disease, we recommend continual therapy.   Learn more here.

    Rapamycin For Dogs — The Kaeberlein Study


    The recent Kaeberlein study on 24 companion dogs at UW showed that….

    1. Rapamycin  significantly improved heart function—Even more interesting, the improvement was greatest in those patients with more severe heart disease. According to the authors, these results suggest that rapamycin use in older dogs can actually reverse age-related declines in heart function. Now that’s a statement you don’t hear every day.
    2. There were no apparent adverse effects during the 10 week study period.
    3.  70% of the owners whose dogs received the higher rapamycin dose felt  that their dogs were more active while on rapamycin, as did 40% of those whose dogs received the lower dose.  In fairness, about 25% of the owners who gave their pets a placebo reported the same thing, but still…
    4. Similarly, 20%-40% of owners felt their dogs were more affectionate while being given rapamycin.  The authors suggest that this could be due to the anti-inflammatory effects of rapamycin helping to reduce pain in arthritic pets.

    Dr. Kaeberlein’s excitement over these findings prompted him to begin a wider study dubbed the Dog Aging Project.  Does your dog qualify?

    Rapamycin for Dogs With Cancer

    If your dog is facing intractable cancer, let’s talk.  We have a special interest in the use of rapamycin and natural therapies to help pets with cancer. 

    FOLLOW THIS LINK to learn more about rapamycin and its use in pets with cancer.

    buy rapamycin for dogs

    How to Improve Rapamycin Bioavailability in our Dogs

    A recent study showed that the bioavailability of brand name Rapamune exceeded that of generic rapamycin/sirolimus products because of its nanomolecular structure.

    That led me to a search of the literature on how best to improve absorption/bioavailability of rapamcin products in general.  Here’s what I found.

    • ENTERIC CAPSULES — enclosing a rapamycin capsule in a second enteric capsule  (widely available, eg Amazon)  to allow the pill to pass through the acidic stomach.  Recommended by Dr. Kaeberlein in private correspondence.
    • In humans, drinking an 8 oz glass of GRAPEFRUIT JUICE 0-60 mins before the pill increases rapamycin bioavailability by 350%.  Tough to mimic in our pets.
    • FATTY MEALS just before the pill increases rapamycin bioavailability by 35%

    Want to Buy Rapamycin for Dogs?  Here You Go.





    Rapamycin for Dogs — Questions Not Answered. Yet.

    There are four very important questions about rapamycin therapy for dogs that we don’t have the answers to at this time:

    • The optimal dose:  are rapamycin’s benefits dose-dependent, so that the higher the dose the more benefits?  Or is there a dose beyond which no additional benefits are seen?   
    • The optimal durationhow many doses do our dogs need for optimal benefit?  Studies suggest that even a one-time or short term dosage will benefit both cardiac function and health span, but we simply don’t know what the optimal duration of rapamycin treatment is right now.  
    • How long do the benefits of rapamycin last?  Hopefully the Dog Aging Project will help us learn this.
    • What are the longer term risks and side effects of rapamycin therapy? Rapamycin is a potent immune suppressant and can alter blood sugar and blood lipid profiles.  Although we haven’t seen ANY adverse effects to date, what are the effects when given over months to years?

    I’m using it on my own dog, and I take the same pills myself. I can’t say much else.

      Like to Learn More about Rapamycin For Your Dog?   Let’s Get Started. 

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