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Looking for curcumin for your dog?

Introducing Longevity Plus.  

We love Longevity Plus!!

We have been using Longevity Plus for the last two months for our dogs, and recently my husband began taking it as well. The dogs are more active, and my husband says it has helped his knee pain. We did the research, and are really happy with Longevity Plus. Also, Dr. Kevin has given us a lot of info on other ways to help our dogs grow old more comfortably. Great job!!

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Curcumin for Dogs — The Basics



If your dog needs help with pain or is facing a chronic disease, there is simply no better natural supplement than curcumin for dogs.

Curcumin has three primary benefits for our pets:

  • Curcumin is a great natural pain reliever
  • Curcumin is a potent anti-inflammatory molecule
  • Curcumin directly inhibits many forms of cancer.

And the best part??  It’s absolutely natural.

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We Don't Sell Too Many Products.

But we have developed the BEST CURCUMIN for dogs on the market.

It’s called LONGEVITY PLUS for a reason.


Stop guessing about your pet’s health.

Curcumin for Dogs — Proven Benefits


There is an awful lot of hype in today’s natural supplement markets, for both pets and humans.  Independent studies show, however, that there is no natural supplement more beneficial to our health than curcumin.  Click on the links below and see the proof, courtesy of PubMed.

You get the picture.  If you want more studies on curcumin, check out PubMed or GreenMedInfo for yourselves, but be prepared — there are over 4000 studies showing the natural benefits of curcumin therapy.  Happy reading!!

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Curcumin for Dogs — How to Compare Products


AIf you have done the research above and believe in the benefits of curcumin for dogs — and yours in particular — the next step is to learn what separates the BEST CURCUMIN FOR DOGS from the pretenders.

There are only four criteria that count.


BIOAVAILABILITY tells you how much curcumin will actually be absorbed after swallowing.  This is where most curcumin products fail, because standard curcumin is VERY poorly absorbed from the GI tract.  In fact, studies in humans have shown that we need to take 3 GRAMS, or 3000 milligrams, of standard curcumin orally to have ANY show up in our bloodstream.  Think about that for a moment.

That’s one of the reasons that our little curcumin supplement LONGEVITY PLUS is so powerful… and our best seller.  LONGEVITY PLUS contains CurcuWin Ultra, a patented form of curcumin with 101x more bioavailability than standard curcumin products, and 7 times more bioavailability than the more expensive Meriva.  Here’s the proof.

Here’s what this means to you.  You can give your pet ONE capsule of LONGEVITY PLUS… or 101 capsules of standard curcumin.  

PURITY  The best curcumin products for dogs, like LONGEVITY PLUS,  should contain 95% PURE C3 CURCUMINOIDS.  This tells you that 95% of the active ingredients are one of the three forms of bioactive curcumin.

CONCENTRATION — The more milligrams of curcumin in each capsule, the better.  Not rocket science.  Check out the 250 mg of improved and patented high bioavailability 95% C3 curcuminoids in LONGEVITY PLUS.

OTHER INGREDIENTS IN THE PILL — Plain curcumin for dogs is fine.  But if you are going to give your dog a pill, why not get the most bang for the buck?  That’s why LONGEVITY PLUS has three added ingredients:  Boswellia for additional pain relief, Ashwagandha as an adaptogen/stress reliever, and BioPerine for additional curcumin bioavailability.   

Add it all up.  It’s why LONGEVITY PLUS is the best curcumin for dogs on the market.  Honestly.

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What About Curcumin for Cats?


 Curcumin is every bit as beneficial for cats as it is for humans and dogs.  It’s just that cats, being cats, demand a different set of rules.


  • Use a food smelly and moist– chicken baby food, canned cat food, or sardines

  • Gently open either one capsule of TRANSCEND or 46 capsules of other curcumin

  • Begin by adding just one or two granules of TRANSCEND to your cat’s food

  • Every other day, add just a little more TRANSCEND into their food until you get to the desired dosage.



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